KORG Wavestation SR - имеет идентичную архитектуру синтеза знаменитой серии WS, A/D, EX в однорэковом корпусе, но с большим количеством пресетов, а также 2 слота для карт, технические характеристики:

- Synthesis Type: Digital Acoustic Simulation Subtractive, Wave Sequencing, Vector with 4 MB of ROM;
- Polyphony: Max: 32, Typical in use: 8-16;
- Multi-timbral (number of parts): 16;
- Oscillators per Voice: Min: 1, Max: 32;
- Effects: Number of FX units: 2, Number of different effects: 55;
- Drum Section: Number of Drum Kits: 1, Number of Drum sounds: 30;
- Responds to: velocity, after-touch, Sounds can be split by: velocity, keyboard;
- Memory: Patches: 105 RAM, 280 ROM, 35 card, Performances: 150 RAM, 400 ROM, 50 card;
- Inputs and Outputs: Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones): 4, Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru): 1, Number of MIDI Ins: 1;
- Upgrade Options: PCM card (compatible with 01/W series) ROM or RAM program card (compatible with the rest of the Wavestation family).

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